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Mark 16:15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.
Missionary/Evangelist Mission Field Mission Board/Church
Bro. Rey Villarreal  Mexico Antioch
Bro. Bret Groves Prison Evangelism Bible Way
Bro. Charles Arnold Honduras BIMI
Bro. Dave Diamante Philippines BIMI
Bro. Clark Paquette Spanish Church Ministry Calvary Baptist of Statesville, NC
Bro. Sonny Dix Philippines Central
Bro. David Cook Manitoba, Canada Church Planters
FBHMI Secretaries Missions Office FBHMI
Bro. Frederick Alexander Grenada FBHMI
Bro. Jose Andrade Honduras FBHMI
Bro. St. Clair Archibald St. Kitts FBHMI
Bro. Bernard Carter Florida FBHMI
Bro. Wayne Chapman New Hope Ranch FBHMI
Bro. Nigel Commodore Dominica FBHMI
Bro. Erald Edwards Anguilla FBHMI
Dr. James Ellis General Director FBHMI
Bro. Aaron Fuchs Philippines FBHMI
FBHMI Missions Office FBHMI
Bro. Claudius Harry St. Vincent FBHMI
Bro. Francis Houston Grenada FBHMI
Bro. Earl James Barbados FBHMI
Bro. Pramand Marajh Trinidad FBHMI
Bro. David Perryman Central American Director FBHMI
Bro. Samuel Philbert St. Lucia FBHMI
Bro. Don Sessions Caribbean Director FBHMI
Bro. James Smith Field Director FBHMI
Bro. Mario Zavala Honduras FBHMI
Bro. Ken Turner Home Missions Ken Turner Ministries
Bro. Chad Wisher Whitewater, Montana Lighthouse Baptist Church
Bro. Russell Jones Evangelism Lighthouse Baptist Church
Lighthouse Baptist Bus Ministry   Lighthouse Baptist Church
Lighthouse Food Pantry   Lighthouse Baptist Church
Heritage Christian School School Ministry Lighthouse Baptist Church
Lighthouse Baptist Curriculum Printing Ministry Lighthouse Baptist Church
Bro. Harmon Rutledge Thailand Macedonia
Bro. Jesse Naitram St. Lucia Macedonia
Bro. Connie Anderson Haiti Macedonia
Bro. John Beck Spain Macedonia
Bro. Curtis Couch Chile Macedonia
Bro. David Wade Printing Ministry Macedonia
Bro. Joe Edge Brazil Macedonia
Bro. Chris Gardner Peru Macedonia
Macedonia Missions Office Macedonia
Bro. Jessie Hailey South Dakota Macedonia
Bro. Jason Hamby Canada Macedonia
Bro. James Hansard Alabama Macedonia
Bro. Jason Holt Chile Macedonia
Bro. Jerry Nye Mission America Macedonia
Bro. Michael Hart Colombia Macedonia
Bro. Brannon Mayes China Macedonia
Bro. Brian McClain Thailand Macedonia
Bro. Frankie Sheridan North Dakota Macedonia
Bro. Travis Snode Ireland Macedonia
Dr. Thurman Wade General Director Macedonia
Bro. Young Ho Lee Korea Macedonia
Bro. Ben Andrews Papua, New Guinea Maranatha
Bro. Clare Baughman France Maranatha
Bro. Larry Curtis England Maranatha
Bro. Ronald Downey Wales Maranatha
Bro. A. J. Easter Chile Maranatha
Bro. Bob Garrett Spanish in S.C. Maranatha
Bro. Ron Naugle South Africa Maranatha
Maranatha Missions Office Maranatha
Bro. John Perkins Venezuela Maranatha
Bro. John Smith Fiji Maranatha
Bro. Rudy Waff Bolivia Maranatha
Bro. Leff Benge Cameroon Open Door
Bro. Richard Murphy Printing Ministry Prayer Baptist
Bro. Bobby Sizemore Prison Evangelism Rock of Ages
Bro. Jerry Alford Venezuela Tabernacle
Bro. John Caudle Canada Tabernacle
Bro. Lewis Howell New Zealand WWNTBM
Bro. Elwood Hurst Guam WWNTBM
Couriers for Christ Eastern Europe (Russia) Wyldewood Baptist of Oshkosh, WI
Bro. Don Edwards Evangelism  
Meals on Wheels Cherokee County  
Hope Tract Ministry Printing Ministry (York, SC)  
Creation Research Creation Research Institute  


BIMI - Baptist International Mission Inc.

FBHMI - Fundamental Baptist Home Missions, Inc.

Macedonia - Macedonia World Baptist Missions

Maranatha - Maranatha Baptist Missions

Tabernacle - Tabernacle Baptist Missions

Bible Way - Bible Way Prison Ministries

Rock of Ages - Rock of Ages Prison Ministry

WWNTBM - World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions

Prayer Baptist - Prayer Baptist Missions, International

Open Door - Open Door Baptist Missions

Antioch - Antioch New Testament Baptist Church

Antioch B. C. - Antioch Baptist Church

Central - Central Missionary Clearinghouse